can guinea pigs eat ice

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ice?

It’s approaching that time of year especially where we live where the mornings are getting colder, the frost is drawing in and snow is just around the corner.

So with this, there is the question of how guinea pigs will cope will extremes like ice and snow.

Mostly they do not like them at all and will seek out places where they can curl up and snuggle somewhere a bit warmer.

Can guinea pigs eat ice?

So can guinea pigs eat ice if they encounter it?

They certainly may nibble at it, as they nibble at anything.

But it will be far too cold for them and they will leave it alone,

It’s ok for them to have a little as it is water content so will give them a water supplement.

However, if they do happen to eat a lot of it (it may happen) they will get bloated so as much as you can keep it away from them.

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