can guinea pigs eat green cabbages

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Cabbage?

So today’s question is ‘can guinea pigs eat green cabbage?’

Not exactly my favourite food, but I’ve got a feeling it might go down well with guinea pigs being green and a vegetable!!

can guinea pigs eat green cabbagesSome considerations before giving a guinea pig green cabbage

  • It contains a decent amount of vitamin c which is good because guinea pig’s need a daily supplement to make up for the fact that their bodies cant synthesise it. Just like ours!
  • Its fine for them to eat but don’t give them too much. This is because of the following reasons;
  • It can make them bloated if they have too much.
  • They can also make urine smell stronger
  • It has a high water content and not a lot of nutrients
  • Green cabbage can make them gassy

image: wikipedia

So not exactly the best vegetable for them to eat, but certainly not the worst. So I bought a green cabbage for my guinea pig to try out from the market today to give him some variety and see if it was something he would eat going forward.

When I gave it to my guinea pig, he didn’t really go for it, and pretty much left it alone and went back to munching grass. So a bit of a flop all round!

Can guinea pigs eat green cabbage core?

The core is the woody centre that holds the cabbage leaves together. It is normally disposed of in any recipes featuring cabbage for humans. There isn’t any harm in them eating it, but personally wouldn’t feed it to them.

Can guinea pigs eat spring green cabbage?

Yes they can but as with green cabbage, don’t give them too much. For all the reasons noted above.

Verdict – can guinea pigs eat green cabbage?

Yes they can but its not the best vegetable for them to have and there are better out there that provide more nutrients for piggies. It won’t be something that I will feed my piggies going forward.

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