can guinea pigs eat fresh grass

Can guinea pigs eat fresh grass?

Fresh grass is that type of grass which has just recently been cut and still contains a lot of the nutrients it had when it was growing.

It will have a green color and has a distinct flavor for guinea pigs compared to that of dead grass which will usually turn a brown color and lose its green color.

Can guinea pigs eat fresh grass?

Yes they can.

Just be careful with what has been on it before and ensure it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides.

They will usually eat all the fresh grass that they can as it is one of their favorite foods to eat.

It is good for their teeth because it enables them to grind them down by chewing the grass

It is also good for their digestion as well.

However, don’t feed them too much fresh grass as it will upset their stomach’s if they have too much of it in one go.

Many a time i have given too much fresh grass for my piggies and come back to them having squggy poop.

So a little bit at a time is usually enough for them, as they will eat as much as you give them.

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