can guinea pigs eat in the dark

Can guinea pigs eat in the dark?

Can guinea pigs eat in the dark? Guinea pigs have amazing appetites. They eat all kinds of things and never seem to have appetites that wain. Whenever I feed my piggies, it is always welcome and overfeeding is always something I need to watch out for. I know that they will eat during the daytime as that is when they are usually fed. But what about at night time?

Are they able to eat in at night, and with that in the dark as well?

Can guinea pigs eat in the dark?

Yes, they can eat in the dark without a problem. Guinea pigs are very good at seeing in the dark. They can move around without an issue and can determine objects in front of them. This is an ability that they have learned over many many years so help them move around at night and avoid the attention of predators who otherwise might attack them during the daylight hours.

They can even run in the dark and avoid objects very easily. They are not afraid and treat it like the daytime. They don’t distinguish between night and day as they will sleep when they need to in short bursts.

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