can guinea pigs eat dandelion leaves

Can Guinea Pigs eat Dandelion leaves?

Dandelion greens belong to one of the largest plant families, the Sunflower, which includes more than 22,000 species.

The first reference of dandelions being used as a medicine was written by Middle Eastern physicians in the 10th and 11th centuries.

Welsh medicinals concocted as early as the 13th century made use of both the roots and leaves.

After gathering this plentiful, easily recognizable herb, rinse them gently and pat them dry.

Then store them in plastic bags in a low-moisture refrigerator drawer. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat Dandelion leaves

Yes, they can eat Dandelion leaves.

Just make sure they haven’t been sprayed with fertilizer or any kind of pesticide.

Dandelion leaves picked in the wild or a public place where you don’t know the land so well are not a good idea to feed to your guinea pig.

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