can guinea pigs eat chinese artichokes

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chinese Artichokes?

Of the three foods that are named ‘artichoke’, the Chinese artichoke is probably the lesser known of the three.

Its name sakes, the globe artichoke and Jerusalem artichoke are much more well known.

In fact, the globe artichoke is known as the ‘true artichoke’ of the three.

So what is a chinese artichoke?

  • It is otherwise known as Stachys affinis, or chorogi, knotroot, artichoke betony, or crosne.
  • It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Lamiaceae.
  • Its rhizome can be grown as a small root vegetable.
  • It has tubers that grow in clumps of up to 30 or 40 cm high.
  • It has stems which are rectangular and have crossed leaves, and long, rough stalks with jagged edges.
  • They have an caterpillar-like shape.
  • It has a short shelf-life while fresh, as it has a tendency to oxidise.
  • Its small tubers have a nutty flavour.

(source: wikipedia)

So can guinea pigs eat Chinese artichokes, and if they can, how much can they have?

Because of their sweetness and high sugar content, they are not good for guinea pigs to eat.

They are also high in phosphorus and low in vitamin c, so they are a food for guinea pigs not to have often.

They are okay for them to nibble on sometimes, but should not be part of their every day diet.

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