can guinea pigs eat canned green beans

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Green Beans?

We’ve look at whether guinea pigs can eat green beans, however another question is whether they can eat canned green beans?

Canned green beans are those that have been canned ready to cook in the pan with other quick-cooking ingredients.

So can guinea pigs eat canned green beans at all?

Unfortunately, canned green beans are generally not good for guinea pigs.

Compared to fresh green beans, the canned variety are usually very high in salt. This is added by manufacturers to preserve the green beans in the cans.

Foods that are high in sodium are not good for piggies and will harm them if they eat them.

There are some brands that have canned vegetables that are low in salt, so do read the label before purchasing.

But canned vegetables are generally not good for guinea pigs, and it is far better to stick to feeding them fresh veggies.

Further reading on the detrimental content of canned vegetables can be found here.


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