can guinea pigs eat bread

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bread?

We all have bread in our homes and its a staple of our everyday diet. With it being so prominent in our food regimes, can guinea pigs eat bread?

This is an interesting question is ‘no’. It certainly wouldn’t be the first thing i’d think about giving a guinea pig. So I decided to look into it a bit further to see if I could really give bread to my guinea pig and whether or not they would like it.

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can guinea pigs eat bread

Here are some things that other guinea pig owners have said about feeding guinea pigs bread.

  • It wont kill them. Its just not particularly good for them and gives them no nutritional benefits
  • Soft bread can stick in their mouths and is liable to make them choke if you are not careful
  • It should be served as a treat only.
  • Too much will make them feel bloated.
  • White bread as with humans, is not as good as brown bread for them. If you have to give them bread then brown is the best for them.

Taking this into account, I decided I wouldn’t feed my guinea pig bread as there were more negatives than positives when it came to giving it to my guinea pig.

So what about other types of bread-based foods. Were they any better?

Can guinea pigs eat banana bread?

It isn’t bad for them, but it is not great for them all the same. If they like it, it will might be worth it for a rare treat but nothing more than that. Make sure it has no nuts in before you give it to them.

Can guinea pigs eat toast?

Just like bread, toast is fine for them to eat. It just wont provide any thing of benefit to the piggies. Like junk food for them really.

Can guinea pigs eat bread crust?

Again just in small amounts, and be careful for choking. But they might enjoy nibbling on it. There’s certainly nothing wrong with it.

Can guinea pigs eat bread sticks?

When the kids were younger we used to have bread sticks around quite a lot. Guinea pigs may enjoy nibbling on these as well. But again not too much and use as a treat only.

Verdict: can guinea pigs eat bread?

If I was going to give my guinea pig bread, then it would be brown bread. But its just not worth it. If you feel you would like to give them bread, then give them a small amount as a treat, and if they like it then that’s fine.

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