can guinea pigs eat bing cherries

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bing Cherries?

Bing is a cultivar of the wild or sweet cherry that originated in the Pacific Northwest, in Milwaukie, Oregon, United States.

The Bing remains a major cultivar in Oregon, Washington, California, Wisconsin and British Columbia. It is the most produced variety of sweet cherry in the United States.

‘Bing’ cherries are used almost exclusively for fresh market. ‘Bings’ are large, dark and firm cherries that ship well, but will crack open if exposed to rain near harvest.

A dry-summer climate is required for the harvest of the bing cherry, making them especially well adapted to the climates of the Pacific Northwest and California. (source)

So can guinea pigs eat bing cherries?


They can have one or two, but they are very sweet so shouldn’t eat too many.

Make sure they are cut up and the stone and stork removed for them so they don’t swallow them.

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