can guinea pigs drink tea

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Tea?

So I drink a lot of tea at home and at work and so we have a lot of it in around. In fact tea is a pretty popular drink here in the UK and a lot of people here drink here, and in vast quantities. It is also drunk throughout the world in various guises and forms.

So I’d we can drink it, can guinea pigs drink tea?

The thing is, guinea pigs can only drink water and fresh water at that.

If they do drink tea it won’t harm them if they have a little bit, but they probably won’t like it that much. If they drink too much of it, the caffeine content may harm them and do them damage, so it would be worth seeking veterinarian advice if this is the case.

Another thing to bear in mind is that they can’t take things like milk or cream. This is because they are lactose intolerant.

The other thing is that they can drink how liquids. It really hurts them and can’t handle it like we can.

So if you are thinking of giving your guinea pigs tea then, think again and give hem water instead. They’ll thank you for it in their own way.

3 thoughts on “Can Guinea Pigs Drink Tea?

  1. U know u can’t always go by what ppl say. I have a male and female. My male loves tea. But I don’t give a whole lot. I put it in a lil ceaser dog wet dig container just under a half. He will have a few drinks here and there but when he is totally done he flips it over and dumps it out. How I found out is he slps in a chair on a bean with a sheet and town over it and I get I get a fuzzy blanket tuck it in all the way around and under, pull against the bed. I have his food, water, hay, on my desk of course all protected. So anyways im a big tea drinker and i my cup on my part of the desk. I’m watching tv not paying attention to him. Then I hear him doing smthing so I look and he’s standing up with his head in my cup just having a field day. So every since then I give him some. If don’t and if don’t use a cup with a straw an f lid he will be in it and eventually soaks ppl. He got my husband one night with it. He don’t like my husband in the bed with me. If he sees him he will get in the bed and go over and bug my ole man until he gets up and goes to the living room charike wilk go bk to his own bed gets under his cover or if charlie sees him he will sit on my chest and starts staring and growling at my ole man. So I keep a body length pillow standing up on its side, so when I get charlie he v can’t see him. Now if ole man. I also found out the other night he likes frosted flakes i was eating my midnight bowl of them and he comes charlie stickjng his nose in my bowl to smell. He woukdnt leave me alone so finally i got 1 flake and give it to him. But he he eats a few pieces of themband hes done. Anyways didn’t mean to write a short story lol. But yes u do want to be careful. Let them sniff it if they want to taste it let them. Cause u xanthine go on Google look crap up or go to the vet. They don’t know ur pet but what they are and aren’t allowed to have. Cause if ur pig is gonna sniff it and if don’t the smell of it they will walk away from it. I think Animals are like us. If we don’t like it we don’t eat it right, so y not let them be the judge. Okay so caffeine get decaf I haven’t tried with him, cause I love Lipton cold brew not decaf. I’m a caffeine drinker.

  2. I was in bed, drinking tea and cuddlong my princess Snowwhite, when she reached to my mug. So i gave her a little bit of tea on a teaspoon and she licked it and liked it ? she drunk 2 teaspoons of my tea ?

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