can guinea pigs drink out bowls

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out of Bowls?

One of the vital things about having feeding a guinea pig is that they always need access to water to drink.

Water is the only liquid the can drink.

Some owners have tried giving them other liquids but these are completely inappropriate for piggies to drink.

The usual way to give a piggy water is from a water bottle

But can guinea pigs drink out of bowls?

Yes they can drink out of a bowl.

However it is definitely less preferable to a water bottle.

This is because;

  • there is more opportunity for them to contaminate the water.
  • Its really easy for them to tip over the water bowl or move it around and spill the water.    (image)

If you do decide to get a bowl for your guinea pig then there are some good water bowls out there to purchase.

Make sure the water bowl is heavy.

A heavy water bowl such as a ceramic water bowl is less likely to be move around and kept in one place.

If you use something like a plastic bowl or tray, the water doesn’t last very long in it as it just gets spilt.

A ceramic water bowl which can’t be moved easily will do the job for them.

However, i still prefer a water bottle for my piggies to feed from.

Its still a much less messy way of ensuring they get the water they need.

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