can guinea pigs be in the dark

Can Guinea Pigs Be In The Dark?

When you first get a guinea pig, it can be quite disconcerting to leave them at night.

When we are used to going to winding down our day and going to sleep, leaving a guinea pig in the dark can seem a weird thing to do.

It can be tempting to leave a light on for them to be see what they are doing, or them to feel comfortable and able to not feel scared.

So can guinea pigs be in the dark?

Yes they can be in the dark.

They have very good eyesight for dark environments and are able to guide themselves around much better than we can.

They have been able to acclimatize to many different environments over the centuries

This is to make sure that they can get about and run when ever they need to.

Doing this has helped them evade many a predator and keep themselves intact and able to breed their way into the 21st century.

As prey animals they don’t attack other animals and much prefer to defend themselves

They do not sleep in the same kind of patterns we do.

Whereas humans sleep at night and then are awake during the day time.

Guinea pigs tend to sleep in short stints, and can wake up at a moment’s notice ready to get away from harms way if it is approaching.

This means that they are very used to the dark and pretty much treat it like the light.

It doesn’t have the same affect on them as it does to us humans.

They won’t necessarily feel scared about being in the dark. They are just as wary about being in the light as well as they are in the dark.

So don’t be concerned about leaving them in the dark, they won’t mind at all.

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