Can Guinea Pigs Bite?

Guinea pigs are prey animals.

This means that they don’t attack other animals or humans if they see them.

They are more likely to defend themselves and run away so as to stop another animal from killing them.

This is how they have survived for centuries.

They are very good at escaping and then do fight back only if absolutely necessary such as when they are grabbed.

This is where their sharp teeth come in useful.

These teeth which are sharpened by constant chewing are quite sharp.

When they come into contact with objects and of course animal and human flesh and if they bite hard enough, they can cause some damage.

This comes in quite handy in the wild when they need to find food or to get themselves released from the clutches of a predator.

However, as mentioned they only do this if absolutely necessary and are not vicious animals like other types of mammal.

So can guinea pigs bite today and do they bite in captivity?

Yes guinea pigs can bite. Just like other animals they tend to bite only when they are provoked or they are trying to defend themselves.

There is always the risk that if you offer your hand to them to receive food from for example, they will bite it.

However, the bite will more of a nibble than anything.

They don’t tend to grip on, but they may nibble.

However, if you really grab hold of them and cause them pain them they will react accordingly.

They will do whatever they can to make you react and get you to release them.

This includes biting as hard as they can.

When i have had one of my guinea pigs bite, it does hurt for a little while but that is all, and these bites have been few and far between.

They only really bite in self defense as they are prey animals and not predators.

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