Ideas for Bringing Home a Guinea Pig

5 Ideas for Bringing Home a Guinea Pig

If you are looking to bring home a Guinea Pig then there are several types of Guinea Pig carrier that you can use to transport it home.

5 Ideas for Bringing Home a Guinea Pig

1. Cardboard box

If you have an older Guinea Pig or two youngsters then a cardboard box about the size used for six wine bottles is appropriate.

Ensure that the box is securely taped up and is secure on all sides that the Guinea Pig could not fall out.

2. Small plastic cat or dog carrier

If you have a cat or dog carrier, then this could be used to bring the guinea pig home. Just ensure that the bars do not have too much space between them that the Guinea Pig could escape.

3. A Guinea Pig cage

You can purchase purpose-built cages at any good pet store that will be good enough to bring your new Guinea Pig home with you.

There are many good animal cages on the market, offline and online, so check out a good one in your area or by searching online.

Make sure however,

  • That you can carry the cage,
  • That it fits in your car
  • That it’s a good size for the Guinea Pig to move around in.

4. A laundry basket

Some Guinea Pig owners have professed to using a laundry basket which is lined with a blanket, newspaper, and hay. If you do this then ensure that it is deep enough that the Guinea Pig won’t escape.

5. Picnic hamper

Another idea is to use a picnic hamper that has plenty of small holes in for ventilation to transport your Guinea Pig’s new home.

The basket-type picnic hamper’s are good as they have plenty of gaps for ventilation plus have a secure fastening.

What to put in your Guinea Pig carrier

With all these ideas make sure that the bottom of the carrier is;

  • Lined with folded newspaper
  • Has about an inch of shavings
  • A small amount of hay
  • Has few vegetables such as carrots for them to nibble on and keep them occupied.

Guinea Pig carrier safety tips

  1. Ensure that the Guinea Pig can breathe by providing ample air holes if its a sealed container and ensure that there is a lid to the container.
  2. Keep the container sealed until you get home.
  3. Don’t attempt to walk with the guinea pig in your arms or travel with it like this in the car or bus.
  4. If the cavy attempts to escape, it could injure itself in the process by falling. Cater for safety above all other things and you won’t go far wrong.
  5. Try and keep the temperature as cool as possible and remember that guinea pigs prefer shade to being exposed to sun rays.
  6. If you are using a cage or dog/cat carrier then you may want to also think about attaching a water bottle to make sure the guinea pig does not get thirsty.

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